Farm2Table Dinners

We want more people to experience farm-to-table intimacy in the great outdoors Al Fresco Style.

This coming year, we are proud to launch our 2021 Farm2Table dinners, as we partner with people who understand how to support all backgrounds with diverse cultures, & sourcing ingredients from local urban growers. We want to be a farmers best friend. Chef Barry Sexton will keep you inform on the “Eats list”.

Please understand that due to the nature of our dinners, a lot of effort and planning go into each and every dinner.

If you cancel less than 7 days prior to your reservation date, you deposit is non-refundable.

In its purest, most honest form, farm-to-table means the table is actually at the farm and the cooks or chefs prepare and serve the food at the farm (even in the field). The communal, family style seating wholly embodies the “Outdoor” atmosphere and is wonderful to experience with both old and new friends.

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