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The culinary artist is Chef Barry Sexton, owner of Opinionated Palate, a full service off premise gourmet catering company. Chef Sexton has over 30 years experience working in various upsale restaurants and hotels, locally and abroad.

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Hi Chef Barry,

“We really enjoyed meeting you yesterday at the Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival and found the cooking How-to sessions including your “YOU can do this” organic Crab Soup really made the festival more meaniful than just a taste and drink affair. We followed up with a tasting at your booth and the proof was in the tasting. We really appreciated your time afterwards to share with us your philosphy/approach to healthy living that centers upon celebrating ones life by chosing organic, delicious foods and Chef quality recipees that are very doable by those of us less technical. Thanks again, and here are the picture we took together. We’ve looked up your website and will be following you from WDC.”


Gregg Myer

Here’s the “Skinny” on the Healthy Chef!

My health is my greatest investment. My weight has gone from 296 pounds to 200, my waist was a snug 42, down to a comfortable 34″. The best part is that I am never hungry, I don’t eat less, I just eat better. I have taken on a healthier lifestyle. So take a journey with me and explore the body & mind connection regarding food knowledge. Boost flavors and cut calories. I am living proof that “You can trust a skinny chef.”

After taking a trip to New York to audition for the popular TV Show “Chopped” on the Food Network. I was asked alot of questions about my weight loss and was informed they had some thoughts about a new show.